Strategic Plan

A joint committee of Legal Aid Society (LAS) staff and Board members was convened on June 21, 2012, to begin the planning process for development of a strategic plan for LAS. The committee decided to employ a strategic planning consultant, Cissy Mynatt, to assist in the process. The committee decided to develop a five-year strategic plan and a process that would achieve maximum input and engagement of staff and Board members. Over the course of the following 14 months, input was continually solicited through the joint committee, surveys sent to staff and Board members, a presentation made to staff at all staff meeting, and a presentation made to a joint meeting of the Board and Community Advisory Committee.

Priorities, Goals, Strategies, and Objectives:

Key themes became clear throughout the process. From those themes, there were four areas of priority to develop goals and strategies, including measurable outcomes, over the next five years:

I. Maximize the availability of high-quality, high-impact legal services

II. Develop a culture of learning and accountability

III. Increase community awareness and support for the LAS mission and services

IV. Enhance organizational infrastructure

Finally, a critical component of implementation will be efforts by staff to provide oversight. The Plan was approved by LAS’s Board of Directors at its meeting on October 22, 2013. The Plan was approved with the understanding that the timelines would be adjusted by staff as circumstances demanded within the framework of completion of the plan by 2018. The implementation will be overseen by oversight committees. The Strategic Plan goals will be assigned to each oversight committee with objectives for the next year established at the conclusion of each year.

Mission Statement:

To advance, defend, and enforce the legal rights of low-income and vulnerable people in order to secure for them the basic necessities of life.

Click HERE for a copy of the Strategic Plan.