Board of Directors

2023 Board Meetings: April 25, June 27, September 26th, Dec 19th

Our governing Board is made up of two-thirds attorneys and one-third client-eligible individuals. The appointing organization is listed for each person.

Board Officers

  • Susan L. Kay (President)
  • Walter H. Stubbs (First Vice President)
  • Katie Bell Klinghard, Mathis, Bates & Klinghard, PLLC, Montgomery County Bar Association (Second Vice President)
  • David A. Weils (Third  Vice President)
  • Trey Reliford  (Treasurer)
  • Adrie M. Rhodes (Secretary)
  • James L. Weatherly, Jr., Weatherly, McNally & Dixon, Nashville Bar Association (Member at Large)
  • J. Andrew Goddard (Past President)

Board Members

  • Charita Bennett
  • John Blankenship, Construction Enterprises, Inc.
  • Traci Brooks
  • Cynthia A. Cheatham, solo practitioner, Coffee County Bar Association
  • Sharon Crane
  • Diane Davis, Maury County Senior Center
  • Cameron Hoffmeyer
  • Tessa N. Lawson, solo practitioner, Putnam County Bar Association
  • Erin Palmer Polly
  • Misty M. Phy
  • Christina Sanders
  • Hon. Sal W. Varsalona, Forrester & Varsalona, Anderson County Bar Association
  • Trey Whitfield
  • Katie Mathews Zipper, Zipper Law PLLC