Legal Aid Society is Tennessee’s largest non-profit law firm. 32 attorneys provide legal assistance in 48 counties. Hundreds of private attorneys provide pro bono services through our Volunteer Lawyers Program. Thousands of people read our booklets and get information about a legal problem or self help.

Our work is organized through five Practice Groups focusing on specific needs within our community:

  • Consumer
  • Employment
  • Family and Domestic Violence
  • Health, Income and Education
  • Housing


We handle a broad range of cases to protect livelihood, health and safety of low income families. Learn more about what we do by reading descriptions of the Kinds of Cases We Take.

Our staff talks with individuals and works with community partners to identify the legal issues that impact the lives of low income people. We are able to provide some help to most people who need legal help. Resources for help include:

  • Representation to resolve a legal problem from a staff lawyer
  • Representation to resolve a legal problem from a volunteer lawyer
  • Advice and Counsel from a staff lawyer to help resolve a legal problem
  • Information from Legal Help Booklets developed by Legal Aid Society
  • Referral to a Free Legal Help Clinic staffed by Legal Aid Society and volunteer lawyers
  • Referral to other resources, like those on our Self-Help Resources page, for help with problems like criminal problems, child support and immigration
  • Referral to other free legal help