Planned Giving


Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands brings justice to the most vulnerable among us, those who have no place to turn for help during life-changing crisis: eviction from their homes, abuse by their spouses, garnishment of their wages, lack of medical care, victimization by scams and many other circumstances.

According to a recent study, 75% of those eligible for our services will have at least one legal problem annually requiring assistance. Yet our resources are limited.

Legal Aid Society practices on the principle that all citizens are due equal representation under the law. Sadly, the demand for services far exceeds the resources to provide them. In our 48-county service area alone, over 440,000 individuals live at or beneath the federal poverty line, resulting in one Legal Aid Society attorney for every 13,000 citizens who might need our services. Legal Aid Society is forced to turn away at least one person for every one who requests assistance.

By making a planned gift to Legal Aid Society, YOU make justice your legacy and lead others in our community. You also help us continue our vision of equal access to justice for all.

We will recognize you by including you in the Beacons of Justice Society – a prestigious group of individuals who have included Legal Aid Society in their will, life insurance and/or estate-planning document. The Beacons of Justice Society will continue to shine a light on the path to justice for all and help our neighbors in their journey from surviving to living.

Examples of Planned Gifts include:

  • Specific Bequest Contribution. A specific bequest is the most familiar kind of planned giving.  It is a gift of a specific dollar amount or a specific piece of property, such as stock or real estate.  By using a codicil, or amendment to your will, you can make a specific bequest without having to re-write your will.
  • Residual Bequest Contribution. This is a gift of all or part of the property remaining in your estate after debts, expenses and specific bequests have been paid.
  • Designate us as a beneficiary of your Retirement Plan. Your retirement plans – such as 401Ks, IRAs and pension  funds – can become subject to income and estate taxes if left to anyone other than a spouse. By naming Legal Aid Society as a beneficiary or part beneficiary, you may reduce the size of your total taxable estate, creating substantial tax savings.
  • Designate us as an owner and/or beneficiary of your Life Insurance. If you no longer need an insurance policy for family protection or business purposes, life insurance policies are an excellent form of charitable gift. As is the case with Retirement Plans, you may enjoy tax benefits by designating the Legal Aid Society as owner and/or beneficiary of your policy.

For more information, contact Legal Aid Society’s Director of Development Brittney Jerkins at 615-780-7132.

The purpose of this information is to provide general gift, estate and financial planning information. It is not intended as legal, accounting or other professional advice. For assistance in planning charitable gifts with tax and other financial implications, you should obtain the services of appropriate advisers. Consult an attorney for advice if your plans require revision of a will or other legal document. Tax deductions vary based on applicable federal discount rates, which can change monthly. Some opportunities may not be available in all states.