Volunteer Lawyers Program

What is the Volunteer Lawyers Program?

The Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP) supports pro bono lawyers helping clients across the 48 counties served by LAS, providing legal help to low income families in more than 5,600 cases since 2014. We provide lawyers many ways to provide critical legal help to secure home, health, safety, financial stability, respect and hope for our most disadvantaged neighbors.

How do I get involved?

Opportunities to help include volunteering for a couple hours monthly at a legal help clinic, in person or by sitting at your desk through video technology, and providing direct representation to individual clients across a broad spectrum of legal issues. You decide what you want to do, when you can help and which clients you want to work with.

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» How will I serve?
» How does VLP support lawyer volunteers?
» What projects and partnerships support volunteer lawyers?

Let us know that you want to help by completing the appropriate VLP Registration Form – Lawyer or Non-Lawyer.

»  VLP Registration Form (lawyers)
»  VLP Registration Form (non-lawyers)