January Program Spotlight: Tennessee Taxpayer Program


The Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, also known as the Tennessee Taxpayer Project, gives low income taxpayers legal help on federal tax problems. The project was created by the Legal Aid Society, led by Mary Gilum, in conjunction with the University of Tennessee College of Law Legal Clinic in 2000. Since then, the Tennessee Taxpayer Project has represented over 5,000 clients before the IRS and procured financial benefits totaling over $40,000,000. In 2019, the LITC outreach staff completed 136 educational activities reaching over 6,000 clients.  Thank you to the hard-working team that serves clients under this grant.


Here are some of the types of cases the Tennessee Taxpayer Project works on:

  • Tax Court Representation
  • Liens and Levies
  • Negotiations and/or Settlements of Tax Debt
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Injured Spouse Claims
  • Employee/Independent Contractor Disputes
  • Audits or Examinations
  • Appeals, including Earned Income Tax Credit Appeals


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