Get FREE help with tax problems!

Is the IRS holding your tax refund? Do you owe the IRS money? Are you having problems with the IRS? You could get FREE legal help from the Tennessee Taxpayer Project. What we do:

  • Answer tax questions
  • Help with IRS Audits or Exams
  • Settle tax debts
  • Stop tax liens and levies
  • Represent people in Tax Court (deficiency notices, etc.)
  • Get relief from joint tax debt (Innocent Spouse Relief)
  • Get back your part of the tax refund (Injured Spouse Claims)
  • Appeal Earned Income Tax Credit denials
  • Employee/Independent Contractor disputes

To find out more or get an appointment, call 1-800-238-1443 in Middle Tennessee or 1-866-481-3669 outside Middle Tennessee. This is a free call.

Tax Booklets

Some of these brochures are about cases we take. Some are about cases we don’t take. We only take legal problems that you yourself can’t go to jail for. If you have a criminal case, you need to call the Public Defender’s office. To see the kinds of cases we take, click HERE. We take as many cases as we can. We are sorry we don’t have enough lawyers for everyone. What if we can’t take your case? We still may be able to give you one-time legal advice. Or tell you where else you can get help. We also have booklets on this website. They may help you with your legal problem.

Click on the name of a booklet to find out more. To see the booklet in Spanish, click on “en Español.”