Special Education

Special education is extra help for children with disabilities. It doesn’t always mean separate classes or schools. Your child may stay in the same class and get more help there. Some schools call special education “Exceptional Education.” It is the same thing.

We have 8 small booklets on special education each of them is about only one part of special education. We also have one big booklet that has everything that is in all 8 booklets. This is a big file and will take a few minutes to open.

Read “What you need to know about special education”

1. Is your child having trouble in school?

  • Failing?
  • OR having problems obeying the rules?
  • OR having trouble seeing, hearing, speaking or moving?
  • OR struggling with homework?
  • OR not keeping up with other kids the same age?
  • OR having serious trouble getting along with others?

Your child may need extra help in school. You can ask the school to test your child for special education. Click on “Testing for special education” to learn what to do.

2. Children must meet certain rules to get special education. Click on “Who can get special education?” to find out more.

3. Does your child have a disability but can’t get special education? There is another law that may help. Click on “Can’t get special education? A 504 Plan may help.” to find out more.

4. Does your child get in trouble at school? Or have they been expelled or suspended? If your child is in special education there are some things the school must do. Click on “Does your child get in trouble at school?” to find out more.

5. In special (exceptional) education, each child has a different plan that says what they will learn. The plan is called an Individualized Education Program or IEP. The IEP says what will be done for your child at school. Click on “What is an IEP?” to learn more.

6. Who decides what kind of help your child will get at school? Click on “Writing an IEP” to find out.

7. If your child is in special education, the IDEA law gives you certain rights. These rights are rules that help you make sure your child gets a good education. They make sure you are treated fairly by the school. Click “Your rights as the parent of a child in special education” to find out more.

8. Do you and the school disagree about your child’s disability, IEP or what help they will get? The law gives you ways to find agreement. Click on “If you and the school disagree” to find out more.