We may be able to help with family or domestic violence problems.

When you contact Legal Aid Society for help with a family or domestic violence problem, the help that we can provide will depend on the kind of problem. We will always help you find some resources for help and advice. We don’t have lawyers to help with every case. But a lawyer from Legal Aid Society or our Volunteer Lawyers Program may be able to represent you in the following kinds of cases:

  • You are a being hurt, kicked, pushed, or threatened
  • You are being denied access to your money, to transportation or work
  • You need a divorce to keep yourself and your children safe
  • You need help getting education services for a child
  • You need to adopt a child who lives with you
  • You need to give someone a power of attorney to make decisions for you
  • You need to get a court order to make decisions for an adult child or relative
  • You need a will


We also have Legal Help Booklets on this website. They may help you with your legal problem.

If you want to talk to a lawyer for advice about your problem, you can come to a Free Legal Help Clinic. Click to see times and dates for legal advice.

You can also go on-line and ask a lawyer a question. Click here for TNFreeLegal Answers.