February Program Spotlight

Program Spotlight: The Housing Practice Group

The Housing Practice Group (#HPG) advises and represents tenants in all issues related to their rental problems (evictions, conditions, fair housing issues). Despite the Housing moniker, the HPG should not be confused with the Home Retention Team, which helps homeowners keep their homes. In 2019, the HPG collaborated with the TN Dept. of Commerce & Insurance to create a new, uniform housing brochure for tenants across TN. The brochure gives practical advice to tenants, including steps to take before/during/after tenancy and a checklist that helps tenants avoid common pitfalls. TDCI paid for 10,000 brochures to be printed and is currently working on a Spanish version of the brochure. In the coming months, the HPG is launching a collaborative program with Bass, Berry & Sims to help tenants in unpaid rent cases. For unpaid rent cases with little to no defenses, BBS attorneys will contact landlords to negotiate agreements that either allow tenants to stay in their units or mitigate the impact of an eviction on their future credit record. Even when negotiations fail, BBS attorneys will provide counsel and advice to tenants to help them prepare for the next steps in their lives. Special thanks to Andrae Crismon and the VLP team for their help with this partnership.

Here are some of the types of cases the HPG works on:

  • Evictions
  • Section 8 and income-based housing
  • Housing Authority and THDA Problems
  • Utility shut-offs and lockouts
  • Unsafe or unhealthy conditions
  • Fair housing and discrimination
  • Reasonable accommodations/modifications

See an HPG member NEAR YOU for more info!


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