Client Feedback

Categories: Success Stories

Here are a few recent comments from our clients. Spelling and punctuation has not been changed.

“Thank you for your time and efford, I appreccte what information was given to me. The information was helpful. I will do the best that I can afford. Thanks.” from GO for Claire Abely, housing attorney in our Nashville office

“Congratulations to the best lawyer on the planet! I hope you are celebrating your victory tonight!!! Your closing argument was classic and your oppositions noteworthy, I’ve never dreamt I’d be blessed to be represented with someone with such fire, knowledge, and confidence! You, Page ROCK!! I have technically owned this home since June but when I drove in the driveway tonight dying to hug my kids as I crossed the threshold I felt for the first time that it was mine and no one would take it from me and the kids. The feeling of not feeling helpless was the most beautiful feeling I’ve had wrapped around me in years. Lies did not work for them, my OCD that worries about things I never should did not hurt us, you were spectacular and lawful and true and did not allow 4 bullies to tear you or I down. There is little way to say thank you properly or show my gratitude. You, Paige are the Champ! With All of My Family’s Gratitude (which can never be enough). Thank you from the depth of our hears. Here’s to A New Tomorrow with Freedom from pain and Just Plain Freedom!” from JF for Paige Barbeauld, attorney in our Clarksville office

“It was great to have someone fight for us where we couldn’t. The sense of relief we felt knowing someone was in our corner treating us like people and not a burden was incredible. Thank you for all your help!” from JP & JM for Bill Bush, attorney in our Cookeville office